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School Policies



If for any reason a student is unable to attend a class, they are required to notify teachers in advance.

Collection of Students After Class

As a safety issue, it is required that all parents come to the studio to collect their children after class. We are unable to monitor the whereabouts of students once they leave the studio.

Lost Property

Please ensure you label all your child’s uniform items as it makes life easier for everyone involved if items are left at the studio. We have a Lost Property box at the studio - please check it regularly.  All items still in the Lost Property box at the end of each term will be donated to charity.


There is a noticeboard located in the office area at the studio, please make sure you check it regularly as there may be information and concert dates you need to take note of.  These notices are duplicated on the website.

Students Changing in/out of Dance Clothes

Students may change in the toilets or in the part of the main waiting area that is able to be closed off with the folding doors.

Parents in studio

Parents of junior students, up to Grade 4, are allowed to sit in the studio.  It is required that these parents do not talk while watching their children.  Please switch off cellphones and do not leave and return to the studio during class. 




Class rules

Strictly no running in any part of the studio - this includes the office area, waiting areas and the small and large studios. Siblings watching classes have to be under the control of a parents.


No eating or chewing gum during class.


Students are to concentrate during class with no unnecessary talk or movement. 


Students must have their hair tied back and they must wear the correct uniform which will be clean, tidy and in good condition.


If students need to go to the toilet, they must ask their teacher before they leave the room.


Students must bring their own water bottle to class.  Water bottles can be brought into the studio and left at the back.  Drinks breaks will be provided.  There are cups available at the studio (in the kitchenette) for students who have forgotten their water.


Students are not to play in an empty studio.  Barres, mirrors, stereos and cd’s are not to be touched.


ENJOY YOURSELF! Jingdance classes are designed to be fun and enjoyable, so relax and have a good time.  If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to speak to your teacher or Miss Chen.




Exam Rules

Participants and supporting adults must remain silent at all times when inside exam venue


Mobile phones must be switched to silent and phone calls may not be taken or made from within the venue


Supporting adults must remain within the waiting area at all times.  Candidates may only approach studio entrance area five minutes before their examination is due to begin


Candidates must wear clothing specified by the school for the exam


Hair must be tied in a bun


Jewellery may not be worn


Immediately upon completion of the examination the candidate and supporting adults are required to remain quiet and leave the precinct of the studio













Policies and Rules

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