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根据世界最可靠的儿童发展科学研究项目发现,对于一个四岁的孩子来说, “自我控制的属性是唯一的,百分之百正确的预测未来生活中能够获得成功的属性”







您知道,学跳芭蕾舞除了能让您的孩子增长一种优美的气质和优雅的身材之外,还能培养自信心, 同时让她也越来越聪明,越机敏,越积极。无论给孩子什么艰巨的任务,习惯于跳芭蕾舞的她,都将能够及时地做出来。更重要的是她在情感方面也会感到满意和快乐。










What will ballet do for your child?


 Ballet will make your child's life a more successful life


Read how.


 The world's best child development scientific research project shows that at the age of 4; 'the only 100% accurate predictor of life success is the attribute of  " self-control".   Ref'


"Young childrens' self-control skills — such as conscientiousness, self-discipline and perseverance — predict their health, wealth and success in later life regardless of IQ or social background, according to latest findings out of the "Dunedin Study " (, ballet is known to be a healthy physical exercise, an effective meditative relaxation technique as well as being good fun. It is also potentially your child's best teacher of 'self-control'.  By learning ballet your child uses her body memory to train and order her mind.


In addition to making your child grow beautiful elegant and confident, ballet will also make her grow smart, astute and motivated.  It will instill within her the desire to approach and complete all tasks in a competent and timely manner.


Most importantly she will become emotionally secure and happy.


Choosing ballet for your child is a wise decision.. With your support ensuring her regular practice and good attendance, you will see a magical change in your child's confidence and ability in every field of her life.




Ms Chen Jing  Principal    





芭蕾舞学校悉尼                                           舞蹈学校悉尼


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